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Go Fish Pictures Hooks Casshern

DreamWorks has reeled in the domestic distribution rights to the Japanese sci fi/action hit, CASSHERN a blend of live action and various animation techniques, to be released under the banner of its specialty film division, Go Fish Pictures.

CASSHERN marks the feature film directorial debut of acclaimed Japanese music video director Kazuaki Kiriya, who also wrote the original screenplay. The film, produced by Shochiku in Japan, opened to rave reviews and success in Japan. It has since gained an international cult following, including in the U.S. where fans on film and genre Websites are already eagerly anticipating its domestic release.

CASSHERN blends Japanimation and manga-inspired live action, in a new kind of hybrid filmmaking that is both visually stunning and thought provoking. The human cast propels the action against a backdrop of CGI, vfx and a wide range of animation techniques, from state of the art to simple stop-motion animation.

Set late in the 21st century after 50 years of devastating war between Europa and the Eastern Federation, the latter has emerged victorious, and the new federation of Eurasia is formed. The planet has been ravaged by chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons and the entire human race is dispirited and exhausted by war. A geneticist named Azuma brings hope in the form of a "neo-cell," which can rejuvenate human parts with no risk of rejection. But nature interferes with science to create a new kind of menace that forces the entire human race to fight an ultimate war against its own extinction.

Glendale, California-based Go Fish Pictures ( is a division of DreamWorks (, which was formed in October, 1994, by its three principal partners Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen to produce live-action motion pictures; animated feature films; network and cable television programming; home video entertainment; books; toys and consumer products.