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Go To Cal Arts To Help With "The One Second Film"

* Thursday, March 8, 2001. Valencia, California, U.S.A.

Cal Arts is presenting a project called "The One Second Film," a deconstruction of animation as an art form. "The One Second Film" explores the idea of "perfect moments" in animation and magnifies the amount of labor that is put into these moments. The film is to be one second long (not counting titles and credits). The 24 frames will be reduced to 12, to be shot in 2s. Each frame will have its own director and its own crew. People attending the event will be invited to contribute a brushstroke to the various frames. The frames will be painted on 9ft x 5ft stretched canvases that will be rotoscoped. Color design for the individual frames will be chosen by Jules Engel, Cal Arts' founding director of the experimental animation program. For more information, please contact Nirvan Mullick at: Tel.: (310) 663-6212; or E-mail:

Read Animation World Magazine's Jules Engel: The Mentor to learn more about the tricky business of teaching experimental animation.

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