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Gnomon Workshop Releases Environment Sculpting DVD

The Gnomon Workshop has released a new training DVD, “Environment Sculpting,” by environment artist David Lesperance.

Announcement from The Gnomon Workshop:

The Gnomon Workshop has released a new training DVD, Environment Sculpting, by environment artist David Lesperance.

David unveils the workflow used to create stunning and fantastic environments. His process takes you through using the DynaMesh tool within ZBrush to quickly and efficiently create variants of environmental assets. He then shows how he decimates the high resolution mesh down to a manageable base resolution to extract normal maps. His process also includes designing a host of architectural assets in 3ds Max, adding high frequency detail in ZBrush, then rendering and compositing them for presentation purposes. Throughout the lecture, David touches on topics like the importance repeating features in architectural design and using fine detail to demonstrate scale within the scene. This tutorial reveals true production methods of one of the more talented environment artist in the industry today.

DVD Description This lecture will provide an in-depth look at the workflow David Lesperance uses to design environments. Starting off, he will cover basic concepts of asset building including kit bashing, grid space modeling, basic UVs and asset cleanliness. Normal and displacement mapping will also be covered. Dave will then move into his lighting setups using V-Ray. He will discuss lighting and rendering in V-Ray, covering HDRI and physical camera setups, along with efficient render settings. Throughout the class David will be sharing many time-saving tips and tricks that he uses in his day-to-day workflow for 3ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop.

About David Lesperance

David Lesperance is an environment artist who has worked in the CG entertainment field for almost eight years. He has a degree in Fine Arts and is active in the CG community. David is currently working with Microsoft and the 343 industry team on Halo 4. David's game experience includes work on Mortal Kombat DC, Tony Hawk Ride and StarCraft 2. His experience also includes work with Blizzard Entertainment's cinematic division, on such titles as Diablo 3, WoW Cataclysm, and the StarCraft projects.

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