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Gnomon School of Visual Effects Thirteen One-Day Maya Workshops

* Monday, November 27 Friday, December 15, 2000. Hollywood, California, U.S.A.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects is conducting three-weeks of one-day Maya workshops. Thirteen of the workshops cover capabilities in Alias|Wavefront's Maya, with the remaining two addressing 3D paint programs, StudioPaint3D and Deep Paint 3D. All of the courses will be held from 9 am to 4 pm. Each class will cost US$295. Darrin Krumweide, associate director of Gnomon, will host "Maya Live" on November 27, "Maya Cloth" on November 28, "Paint Effects" on November 29, "Maya Fur" on December 4, "StudioPaint3D" on December 5, "Deep Paint 3D" on December 6, "Polygon Modeling" on December 11, "Polygon Texturing" on December 12 and "Subdivision Surfaces" on December 13. Alex Alvarez, director and founder of Gnomon, will host "Inverse Kinematics: Arms & Legs" on November 30, "Constraints for Characters" on December 1, "Organic Modeling: Heads" on December 7, "Organic Modeling: Hands and Feet" on December 8, "Smooth Skinning with Wrap Deformers" on December 14 and "Trax: Non-Linear Animation" on December 15. For more information contact Gnomon at: 1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Suite 5430i, Hollywood, California 90038, U.S.A.; Tel: (323) 466-6663; or Web:

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