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Gnomon Announces Spring Semester Lineup

Spring term for Gnomon School of Visual Effects begins April 3 through June 11. New classes include:

* Digital Sculpting and Texturing in ZBrush. This course is a comprehensive look at ZBrush's complete toolset for high-end 3D modeling and texturing. Instruction introduces a complete ZBrush workflow beginning with a base mesh and taking it to a complete ZBrushed finish. Instructor: Scott Spencer.* Environment Workflow Techniques. From basic sketch compositions of set props to full photo manipulation for matte painting and set design, this course offers a wide variety of techniques, including sketching in the computer, quick-render ideation, tool shortcuts, set lighting and photoreal rendering. Instructor: James Clyne.* Character Workflow Techniques. This five-week course walks through the process of script interpretation, developing a concept, research and then into the design process. Instructor: Neville Page* Machinima Basics: Using Game Engines for Movies. This course focuses on the basics of using game engines to create movies. Machinima allows a small group of people, or even an individual to create high-quality complex movies, that traditionally have only been affordable to larger studio endeavors. Instructor: Dallas Good* Anatomy. Learn to understand the anatomical structure of the human body and how these anatomical elements function to create movement, attitudes and poses from head to toe. Instructor: Rik Maki * Prop Design. This course is to teach the character and environment designer the skills and techniques required to create props that tell a story for the entertainment industry. Instructor: Rik Maki* Cinematography Theory for Visual FX and CG Animation breaks down and examines the relationships between traditional cinematography, visual effects and computer-generated animation. Instructor: Archie Donato.* Career Realities in Visual Effects. This course will show how to put all the talents youve honed into a career plan that will not only land you a job now, but will help you charter your career through retirement. Instructor: Debra Blanchard.

New instructors include:* Debra Blanchard, director of Studio Recruiting, IDT Ent. * Archie Donato, lead lighter, DreamWorks Animation, * Rachel Dunn, freelance compositor* Chris Eckardt, visual effects supervisor/visual effects cinematographer/technical director, BrainSoup Studios.* X-Ray Halperin, lead fx developer, DreamWorks Feature Animation.* Rik Maki, film designer (FINDING NEMO, LION KING, HERCULES, A BUGS LIFE and DINOSAUR)* Axel Ortiz, concept designer/character designer/illustrator, Left Field Prods.* Miguel Ortega, character modeler, Rhythm & Hues Studios and Gnomon graduate* Federico Ponce, senior 3D modeler/art director, Petrol Advertising* Paul Smith, freelance modeler/consultant/instructor.* Scott Spencer, digital sculptor, Gentle Giant Studios.

In addition, Maya Fast Track begins April 10 and continues through June 9. Tuition is $9,000.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects ( specializes in training for careers high-end computer graphics for the entertainment industries. Located in the heart of Hollywood, it offers a full curriculum for individuals wanting careers in 3D, professionals in need of specialized training and custom training for production studios. The Gnomon curriculum has been approved by the Alliance for Digital Production Trainers (ADEPT), whose members include training managers from studios, including Rhythm & Hues Studios, Cinesite, DreamWorks and Sony Pictures Imageworks. Founded by Alex Alvarez in 1997, Gnomon is located at 1015 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Suite 5430i, Hollywood, California, 90038.