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GlobalFun AB to Distribute Blade of Zorro Wireless Game Series

Karlskrona, Sweden-based GlobalFun AB has signed an agreement with SilverBirch Studios Inc., to publish and distribute SilverBirch's THE BLADE OF ZORRO branded game, based on the legendary Spanish Californian hero, el Zorro, "the Fox." GlobalFun will publish the title exclusively in specific markets worldwide, with a special emphasis on the North American, South American and European markets.

"GlobalFun is very excited to have this opportunity to work with SilverBirch Studios in bringing the classic hero of Zorro in his 'wireless world' to our customers, and more importantly to his fans around the globe," said Johan Christenson, chairman of GlobalFun's North American operations. "We are thrilled with the high level of quality and distinctive game play THE BLADE OF ZORRO game offers. The game is not just entertaining and challenging, but exciting as well. We know that our customers and partners will be eager to see this game reach its markets worldwide."

Bertil Krumnack, coo of GlobalFun AB said, "We believe in publishing quality over quantity when it comes to GlobalFun's portfolio of games, and doing things 'right.' SilverBirch's BLADE OF ZORRO game is exactly the type of product we look to represent to our customer base. This title combines the strength of a classic, universally known character hero and brand, with the high quality of development and production value our customers have come to expect and absolutely should expect from us. The brand will only be strengthened by the new ZORRO movie scheduled for release in 2005."

"SilverBirch prides itself in creating mobile entertainment that meets and exceeds consumer expectations for quality and creativity, and we now have a partner in GlobalFun with an identical vision for promotion and distribution," said Kevin Birch, president/ceo of SilverBirch Studios Inc. "We are extremely pleased to have signed this agreement with GlobalFun for our BLADE OF ZORRO mobile game, and we believe that this is the beginning of a strong and successful business relationship between our two companies."

THE BLADE OF ZORRO game also features a Website ( for players to enhance their gaming experience by discovering more about the environments and characters presented in the game. In addition to a highly visible character, the game will appeal to mobile players by featuring multiple perspectives on certain phone models. Players have the flexibility to explore the environment from a top-down vantage point or switch to side view in order to duel with enemies. The game challenges players to outfox bandits, avoid soldiers and overcome invincible odds, taking Zorro through multiple scenarios and locations to complete his objectives.

GlobalFun AB, a leading wireless entertainment developer and publisher, was founded in 2000 and focuses on providing entertainment products for digital distribution channels. For updated information on GlobalFun AB, visit

SilverBirch Studios is a leading developer of wireless entertainment content, based in Toronto, Canada, with satellite development teams in Finland and Central America. It produces mobile games, ringtones and other mobile entertainment content which it markets through various channels, including its own highly acclaimed consumer portal More information may be obtained at

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