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Global Telemedia Brings Momo and Nudnik to NATPE

Westport, Connecticut-based Global Telemedia will be presenting two new series, as well as collections of classic animation, at NATPE 2008.

MOMO ISLAND (52x11) - Full 3D Animation & HD - Available worldwide (excluding China) for all platforms.Each episode is a self-contained story, so the episodes can be played in any order. The series features a young boy from Earth who unexpectedly lands on the mysterious MoMo Island with his flying machine, while competing in a space race. He encounters many charming little space creatures, each of which represents a bad habit that children often have, which allows for teaching lessons. Although some lessons are learned through the shortcomings of individual characters, the story progresses in a simple and amusing way that keeps children both entertained and inspired. Recommended for ages 3-10.

NUDNIK (13x30) - Available for broadcast and home videoA new series from award-winning animator Gene Deitch (POPEYE, TOM & JERRY) that features the Oscar-nominated NUDNIK and other classics, including Academy Award winner MUNRO. Nudnick is a clown-like character who always seems to get it wrong... and his attempts to deal with everyday life cross age as well as cultural boundaries. Each episode features a new animated opening title sequence and animated links featuring new Nudnik adventures created by Deitch.

THE GREATEST CARTOONS FROM THE EUROPEAN MASTER COLLECTION (4x60)For the first time in more than a decade, extraordinary animation from the world-renowned Zagreb Film Studio, as well as the internationally acclaimed Sofia Animation Studio, are available for broadcast and home video._ Both libraries have been packaged into four hours for children and one hour for adults. The Zagreb series is selected from a collection that won more than 400 international awards and pioneered a unique style, called the "Zagreb School" of animation._

Vol. 1 - "The Classic Collection": Beginning with ERSATZ, the first film from outside the U.S. to win the Oscar for best animated film, these seven cartoons are representative of the unique offerings that characterize the Zagreb Film studio._

Vol. 2 - "Laugh at Your Own Risk": Beyond all metaphors, all the symbolism, and all the awards, the films from Zagreb will make you laugh! These are among the funniest.

Vol. 3 - "Be Careful What You Wish For": Fifteen stories of irony, double-cross, and mystery. Some are hilarious, some poignant, and all memorable.

Vol. 4 - "For Children Only": Zagreb produced dozens of films particularly for children, including the internationally distributed PROFESSOR BALTHAZAR and LITTLE FLYING BEARS series. These eleven cartoons include many of the studio's most acclaimed individual shorts for children.

MOM'S LITTLE HELPER (85x5-8)Public domain cartoon classics, including Bugs Bunny, The Three Stooges, Superman, Popeye, Daffy Duck, Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Porky Pig, Casper, Betty Boop, Humpty Dumpty, and many more.

Global Telemedia will also be showing new animated shorts for mobile phone, broadcast and DVD. They will be in booth #1226.