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Global Gaming League & ClanBase Form Strategic Partnership

The Global Gaming League (GGL), the leader in competitive videogaming entertainment, announced a strategic partnership with, Europe's leading competition organizer for online gamers. The partnership will see the two companies working together to take competitive online videogaming to the next level by combining their respective communities and talents. Together, they form the world's largest online gaming community with more than a million players from 190 countries around the world.

The ongoing partnership will see the GGL, who offered gamers more than $100,000 in cash prizes during their 2004 Season, supporting ClanBase across all business segments including marketing, business development, television production, live event production and technology development. ClanBase's years of grass roots experience with gamers will assist the two companies in the management and organization of the newly united international community. Additionally, to aid with overall direction and strategic planning, ClanBase's management team of Willem 'Tal' Bison, Rob 'Wob' van der Veer, and Filip 'Godsmurf' Camerman will join the GGL's advisory board.

Other aspects of the partnership will see the two organizations working together to improve the gaming experience for all current and future members, with the GGL providing several full-time developers (former QUAKE WORLD/QUAKE 3 star Amir 'Hakeem' Haleem, QUAKE I/QUAKE II star Jason 'Unholy' Carlton, and current QUAKE 3/PAIN KILLER star Jared 'cha0ticz' Cugno) to implement the best features of both Websites to the other's, using direct feedback from the newly formed community. Famous broadcaster Marcus Graham (a.k.a. DJWheat) has been hired full-time to provide gamers around the world with coverage of championship matches.

"We are very excited about building a truly global community of videogamers," said Ted Owen, co-founder/chairman at the GGL. "The relationship and synergy with ClanBase will be extremely important in helping us achieve this goal."

"Although we are truly proud of what we have achieved in the past, we have always lacked experience in marketing, business development, and raising sponsorship money for our gamers," said Rob van der Veer, vp at Clanbase. "The partnership with the GGL is perfect because of their roots in the entertainment industry, their marketing know-how, and their ability to raise money. We look forward to working with them to boost our competitions with more gamers, great coverage, and exciting events."

The Global Gaming League is the leading competitive videogaming entertainment organization for all gamers around the world. The GGL manages online tournaments through its proprietary Website, stages live videogame competitions worldwide and produces original television content for major networks throughout the world. For more information, visit

ClanBase, established in 1998, is the leading European meeting place and competition organizer for online competitive videogaming. The organization is run by 300+ gamers managing hundreds of international ladders, cups and other content such as news and bulletin boards. Clanbase, which is a free system, has grown to serve more than a million active members, 160,000 clans and features 70,000 matches a month. Important matches are broadcast using online chat and Internet radio with live commentary, while others are broadcast using Internet TV so gamers can watch the games live at home. For more information, visit

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