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Give Adult Swim Your Best Carl

Adult Swim is teaming up with Burger King Corp. to find America's next "sweetheart." Through a nationwide casting call kicking off on November 3, Adult Swim and Burger King Corp. will encourage those who look like, or know someone who looks like, the sweaty, hairy Carl character from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE to be part of an opportunity to play the role in next year's first-ever live-action special episode.

Adult Swim will drive viewers to check out for complete casting call details and to upload a video that demonstrates they are worthy to play the role. The casting call kicks off on November 3, with the live-action episode scheduled to air in 2009. The casting call is one of the largest Adult Swim promotions to date.

"We believe there is someone out there that embodies the essence of Carl," said John O'Hara, executive vice president, Adult Swim and sister network Cartoon Network Ad Sales & Marketing. "With our friends at Burger King, we plan to encourage that individual to step into the spotlight for the chance of a lifetime -- to chill out at the craft services table with Meatwad and Master Shake."

Adult Swim will promote the casting call on-air through a custom spot featuring Carl himself, with the Burger King brand integrated into the call to action. Potential Carls will be encouraged to visit to "Give Us Your Best Carl." Eligible participants will have the opportunity to upload a video, up to 30 seconds in length, explaining why they resemble the rude, sweaty character. Burger King Corp. will serve as the exclusive sponsor for the first-ever AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE live-action special slated to air in 2009. The Web site will also feature program related messages, as well as a link to

Adult Swim and Burger King Corp. have aligned several years in a row to promote the "Have It Your Way" brand message to young adults through custom marketing opportunities at the network. This past summer both brands came together to offer viewers the opportunity to enter for the chance to program an entire night of Adult Swim. This year, the promotion featured two winning finalists picked from a call to action contest. The finalists featured their lineup on and battled it out with fans voting online for their favorite. On Saturday, Sept. 27, the grand prize winner gained control of the Adult Swim programming lineup with the winning selections. The winner was also offered the opportunity to choose one of two grand prizes, a viewing party at the winner's home and a new flat screen television or a trip for two to Atlanta for a personal tour of the Williams Street studios, the production home for Adult Swim.

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE, one of the most popular animated action-adventure, comedy-dramas on Adult Swim, follows the strange everyday lives of three human-sized food products who live in New Jersey. Their next-door neighbor is Carl, a simple man who's endearingly sweaty, hairy, lewd, fashion-challenged, horny, nasty and oftentimes annoying. All men remotely fitting that description are encouraged to submit their videos. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE is created by Matt Maiellaro (12 OZ. MOUSE) and Dave Willis (SQUIDBILLIES).