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Girls Inc. Honors Cartoon Net's Simensky

Linda Simensky, Cartoon Network's VP of original animation, received one ofGirls Inc.'s four 1999 honors. With over 50 years of service, Girls Inc.has been dedicated to helping American girls become strong, smart and boldthrough educational programs. Each year the organization honors industryexecs who have helped challenge and inspire young girls across America.Along with CBS pres. Nancy Tellem, Lifetime VP Kelly Goode Abugov, andEntertainment VP at WB Jordan Levin, Simensky was recognized for her workat Cartoon Network. Simensky helped bring THE POWERPUFF GIRLS to the smallscreen, teaching the world that kicking criminal butts isn't just for boys.Before arriving at Cartoon Network, Simensky was the first director ofanimation at Nickelodeon and founded the New York chapter of Women inAnimation. Congratulations to Linda for all her wonderful work.

Linda Simensky has both written for and been profiled in Animation WorldMagazine.

In "Leaving Home," Simensky ruminates on the political and otherconsequences of changing jobs amidst today's boom times in the animationindustry.

In "Women in the Animation Industry -- Some Thoughts," Simensky offers somepersonal observations on the ways women make it in today's animationindustry.

Read a profile of Linda Simensky by Harvey Deneroff in his article"Supporting Independents: Five Champions."

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