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Gilliam’s Grimm Gets Bumped a Year

Famed director Terry Gilliam seems to not be able to get a flick in theaters these days. With his production of DON QUIXOTE being shut down midway, the BRAZIL helmer moved onto film THE BROTHERS GRIMM, which was originally set to reach theaters fall 2004 then it was moved to February 2005 and now Dimension Films has bumped the fantastic account of the fairy tale writers, The Brothers Grimm, to Nov. 23, 2005. This news may seem bad to fans eagerly awaiting Gilliams next theatrical outing, but the move from the February dumping ground for feature that didnt come out in the fall to the blockbuster hot zone of Thanksgiving weekend bodes well for the anticipated box office success of the film.

The film follows the two 18th-century storytelling brothers (Matt Damon and Heath Ledger) as they travel from town to town telling tall tales in an effort the steal the townsfolks money. However, the legend they have crafted for themselves leads them to be hired by the French government to investigate a haunted forest, where a real witch (Monica Bellucci) resides.

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