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Giant Killer Robots Uses Realviz Matchmover For Monkey Bone Effects

REALVIZ, a leader in image-processing software development announced that effects boutique Giant Killer Robots used REALVIZ MatchMover to complete several shots for Twentieth Century Fox's MONKEY BONE. MatchMover is REALVIZ' award winning 3D match-moving application for seamlessly integrating CG elements into moving footage. Giant Killer Robots is a San Francisco-based visual effects studio specializing in high-end CG animation. M. Schmitt of Giant Killer Robots explained, "MatchMover gave us the chance to capture the subtleties of the live action camera moves and actors' motion without the use of motion control or hand tracking." According to Schmitt, "For the Bull-bartender shot, the original live action animatronic character head was tracked with MatchMover, and this move was applied to the CG replacement head. This allowed us to easily extract the body and head movement of the actor and apply it to the new and improved head animated in Softimage XSI." REALVIZ can be contacted at, by email at or via phone at 415-615-9800 to request a demo CD or an online demo.