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Ghostmilk Wraps Videos for Mandy Moore & Broken Social Scene

Toronto-based Ghostmilk was wrapped videos for Mandy Moore and Broken Social Scene.

For Moores HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, Ghostmilk Studios was brought in to create animation and environments. Revolver Films sent director Christopher Mills to shoot Moore in Prague, where she was shooting her latest feature film. All of her footage was shot on greenscreen as she walked on a treadmill and stood on a rotating platform. While in Prague Mills shot hundreds of still photographs of the city compiling a highly detailed library of images. Artist Jennifer Febbraro created paintings of a European city to be used as additional elements. Then 3D designer/animator Arvydas Slabosevicius began creation of five distinct, highly detailed environments complete with animated elements -- moving skies, streetcars, airplanes, etc.

The tricky part was matching the camera height, lensing and speed of her walks and rotations, said Ghostmilks post producer, Sean Wainsteim. Since we were brought on board after the shooting had taken place we had to eyeball a lot of it. Otherwise we would have recorded heights and set track points on set. The beauty of the worlds is in the subtle details. Being able to see into the windows of a streetcar as it rolls by hints at the intricate nature of these fabricated environments. This creates a soft reflection of Mandys own warmth as she sings this ballad.

For the Broken Social Scenes ANTHEMS OF A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL, director Yael Staav came to Ghostmilk to provide the animation component. The video features a teenage girl who drifts emotionlessly through her day. Ghostmilk Studios was allowed to explore a multitude of animation techniques in an R&D phase, creating a library of imagery used in production. To compliment the stark black-and-white cinematography of DP Tico Poulakakis, and to juxtapose the seemingly joyless attitudes of the main character, Ghostmilk designer/animator Jean Chin created lush, blooming floral arrangements as a border around the frame. This border grows, changes color and reacts according to the main characters mood, environment and situation. Elements of the border are made up of photographed stop-motion flowers and floral crayon drawings. ANTHEMS OF A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL was granted by BravoFact and produced by Hoodoo Films.

Staav said, "Ghostmilk not only provided tasty snacks and plenty of ginger ale -- the team managed to knock my socks off daily with both their animation skills and their input. It was a pleasure to work with people who not only do what they are asked -- but who contribute a level to the project that you did not anticipate."

HAVE A LITTLE FAITH crew included: Production company: Revolver Films LADirector: Christopher Mills Revolver FilmsProducer: Tracy Peters Revolver FilmsExec producer: Kelly Norris Sarno Revolver Films LADP: Fredrik CallinggardEditor: Shawn Fedorchuk and Christopher Mills (performance edit)Painter: Jennifer FebbraroStill photographs: Chris Mills, Lee TowndrowPost producer: Sean Wainsteim Ghostmilk Studios3D design, camera and animation: Arvydas Slabosevicius Ghostmilk Studios and Christopher MillsOn-line/conform: Lee TowndrowSony Music execs: Marian Bradley Kohr and Scott Carter (Epic Records)

ANTHEMS OF A 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL crew included: Production company: Hoodoo FilmsDirector: Yael StaavProducer: Jamie Dagg Hoodoo FilmsBravoFact: Judy GladstoneDP: Tico PoulakakisEditor: Ross Birchall RelishPost producer: Sean Wainsteim Ghostmilk StudiosAnimation designer: Jean Chin Ghostmilk Studios

Ghostmilk is a motion design studio that combines the experience, skills and techniques of its five partners. For more information visit

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