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Ghostmilk Creates Sopranos Teaser for Canada

Astral Media contacted Ghostmilk Studios to create a memorable 60-second teaser for the upcoming fifth season of THE SOPRANOS (beginning in March). Astral Media's The Movie Network broadcasts THE SOPRANOS in Canada.

"We wanted to capture and reflect the subtleties of the show in a way that spoke to current fans while not alienating those unfamiliar with the series," said Ghostmilk partner Sean Wainsteim. "THE SOPRANOS story is such a rich tapestry with great characterization that is rife with subtext, which was something we wanted to reflect in our storytelling. Every element, from the placement of shots and transitions to the specific design details, all have a very deliberate purpose that relates to the story."

"We were very fortunate that Astral gave us the freedom and trust to experiment with non-traditional techniques (non-traditional in terms of what you'd expect to see in a promo)."

Ghostmilk integrated inked rubber stamp type and textured, drawn linework into a cohesive 3D environment based on a photocopy aesthetic. Digital matte extensions of scenes integrated with custom transitions helped to create a seamless, floating camera move through the gritty world of THE SOPRANOS.

All the 3D compositing, design and lighting was done in Adobe After Effects with elements being prepped and, in some cases, designed in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Astral Media's Matt Waddell wrote the script and produced the spot, overseeing every stage from selecting the shots to the final audio session. Ghostmilk also created two alternate cut down versions (25 and 30 seconds) and an additional five-second custom Movie Network tag that was added on to some of the versions.

Ghostmilk ( is a Toronto-based studio that combines the diverse experience, skills and techniques of its five partners to create print and motion works.