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Ghostmilk Brings Energy to Student Price Card Spot

Ghostmilk recently wrapped production on a new spot, entitled GET MORE, SAVE MORE, for Student Price Card and ad agency The Reverb Group. In charge of all aspects of the commercial, Ghostmilk provided initial concept, style, design, script, animation, voice over and post.

Ghostmilk producer Sean Wainsteim said, We had to move very quickly in terms of establishing a look and narrative that the client was on board with. They were a great client because they were always available and very quick to provide us with clear, direct feedback on specific points. Once the script was approved we created, storyboards and an animatic in Adobe After Effects. Then, once the cut was approved, we began replacing elements in the animatic with the final versions. The workflow was very fluid all the way through and allowed for changes at any level.

With Ghostmilks Steve Manale narration driving the spot, the voice over introduces the real images of the clothes and gear presented by illustrated characters. The narrator gets so excited with the saving that his tone transforms from the typical straight announcer to a slang-talking hipster. Ghostmilk designer/illustrator Steve Wilson drew all the characters and floating typography using Adobe Illustrator, the clothing and real objects were done in Photoshop. The elements were all composited in three-dimensional space in Adobe After Effects. The sound record, design and mix were done by VO2 Mix.

The crew for the spot included: Producer: Sean Wainsteim Ghostmilk StudiosVoice talent: Steve Manale Ghostmilk StudiosCharacter design: Steve Wilson Ghostmilk StudiosCompositors: Jean Chin, Arvydas Slabosevicius Ghostmilk StudiosSound design: Terry Wedel and Euan Hunter - VO2 MixAgency producers: Reverb Group president Dean Mazzariol and managerNicholas Bianchi Art director: Joe Giordano - Reverb Group

Ghostmilk is a motion design studio that combines the experience, skills and techniques of its five partners. For more information, visit

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