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Get Outta the Valentine Doghouse Via WB Online Card Creator

Don't end up in the doghouse for forgetting to buy your significant other a Valentines Day card. Warner Bros. Online has come the rescue with the "Scooby's Sweetheart Card Creator" on The card creator allows site visitors to design their own Valentine's Day cards for free and print them out from any printer.

The Flash-based website has a huge library of images featuring the Mystery Inc. gangs Scooby-Doo, Velma and Daphne, along with colorful backgrounds, props and unique design elements. The user may add their own personal message and print in various formats; large and small folded cards, post-cards, mini-valentines, and CD labels and track sheets, all for free. Also available on the site are Valentines Day-themed screensavers and wallpapers for PC and Mac users.

Warner Bros. Online (WBOL) ( provides full-service interactive solutions for Warner Bros. Ent. subsidiaries and external clients alike. The companys digital production, marketing and wireless capabilities span more than 40 international markets throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America. WBOL also oversees all aspects of, which serves as the entry point into, and aggregator of all things Warner Bros. Ent., including such megabrands as Harry Potter, The Matrix and Looney Tunes.