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Animation World Magazine readers can now download the latest Acrobat edition of the publication. For July AWM focused its attention on comics, comic strips and illustration. With the digital comics world continuing to grow, Janet Hetherington explores the exciting new breed of digital comics creators and publishers. Also Hetherington takes a look at why graphic novels are leaping from comic shops and bookstore shelves to big screens across North America and beyond. Tom Sito revisits the Civil War of Animation and tells how the Great Walt Disney Cartoonists Strike of 1941 changed the course of animation and comics. Marisa Materna looks into the design work of Imaginary Forces, which has been a go-to place lately when turning comicbook properties into feature films. With the graphic novel craze taking over the world, Christopher Panzner investigates the European scene to see what the hottest properties are.

In additional articles, Joe Strike returns with the second of three parts in a talk with animation filmmaker and historian John Canemaker, where he speaks about his influences. Bill Plympton answers the Animation Pimp on the panorama show at Annecy and renegade screenings. In a letter, John Culhane remembers his long-time friend and Disney animator Rowland B. Wilson, who passed away on June 28, 2005.

In our columns, Dr. Toon talks to producer/writer/director/animator Rob Renzetti about his career, his influences and that spunky Robotic Global Response Unit XJ9 (a.k.a. Jenny Wakeman), star of MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT. The Animation Pimp delves into our fear and denial of death. Nancy Cartwright discusses and gives advice about an important, but little talked about area of the voice acting business promotions and marketing. In the lead up to SIGGRAPH 2005, the Career Coach gives 10 points of conventional wisdom to help you get the most out of any trade show. In the last excerpt from 3D FOR BEGINNERS, authors Carol MacGillivray and Anthony Head discuss how to export a character into Director.

In reviews, Philippe Moins reports back from Annecy about the festival and the coming of age of animation. Karen Raugust looks at how international and North American animation studios have maintained a high profile at the annual Licensing Show. Taylor Jessen returns again with five short films reviews in Fresh from the Festivals as well as a review of the new DVD collection, THE DUTCH FILMS OF PAUL DRIESSEN. Libby Reed curls up with THE EDUCATION OF A COMICS ARTIST and tells whether it will set you on the road to comic artistry or leave you stranded in the rejection drawing pile.

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