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Get Listed In AWN’s Upcoming Pitch Guide!

We are compiling a Pitch Guide for publication in January.

We are compiling a Pitch Guide for publication in January. The guide will be a list of various studios from around the world that engage in development and how artists can get in touch with them to pitch their projects.

The information we need is as follows:

* Company Name* Contact Person* Contact Persons Title* Contact Persons Area of Expertise if Specified (example: Comedy for 6-12 year olds)* Contact Persons Contact Information* Contact Persons Pitching Preferences (example: mail in show bible, whats needs to be in bible, no follow up calls, etc.)* Contact Persons Assistants Name & Contact Info

If your company has multiple development personnel, please include separate information for each person. Please send all responses to Rick DeMott at

The goal of the article is to help producers and artists get in contact with each other easier. It will also include lists of places where artists will be able to gain representation, help with their pitches and any other general help with their projects.

We thank you ahead of time for your participation and hope that this guide will help lead the next great project to you.

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Rick DeMott
Animation World Network
Creator of Rick's Flicks Picks