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A Genius Coming To Your Screens Soon

The Ellipsanime studio has announced the launch of its animated series entitled GENIUS : the ultimate inventor with a long white beard and violet hat, based on the much-loved hero of the comic book series by Turk and De Groot, published by Le Lombard.

Each day, the brilliant inventor comes up with new ideas and concepts. He has a sidekick who features in all his adventures: the lazy, clumsy Basil, generally known to his master as "Disciple."

The madcap, surreal situations and creative humor of the GENIUS animated series renew the world of cartoon. The 78 episodes of 7 minutes each will be produced in 3D and aimed at a target age group of 6-10. The series will be shown in 2010, at first exclusively on youth channel CANAL J, then on the Gulli channel.

Broadcasting will begin in an important year for GENIUS. A major campaign of partnerships is scheduled throughout the year, accompanied by numerous events, beginning with the publication of an encyclopaedia of the Master's inventions in December 2009, followed by a major exhibition at the Angouleme Comics Festival in January 2010 and the publication of Volume 40 of the comic book in March 2010.