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Genius Brands Introduces ‘Pascualina’ to the World

Company signs agreement with TF1 Enterprises to represent licensing and merchandising for the Pascualina brand in France.

Beverly Hills, CA -- Global brand management company Genius Brands International has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to the popular tween girls’ brand Pascualina. GBI has also finalized a deal with TF1 Enterprises’ entity TF1 Licenses to represent the licensing and merchandising rights for the brand in France.

Pascualina is one of the most-popular fictional characters among Latin American girls. Each year, millions of her popular “Agendas” are sold throughout Latin America,” said Amy Moynihan Heyward, President of Genius Brands International. “Originally drawn to her beauty and style, we quickly became engaged by her positive spirit and fashionable flair. We’re excited to introduce Pascualina to tween girls around the world, recreating the popular “agenda” and much more.”

"At TF1 Licenses, when we first saw the Pascualina diary, we were immediately attracted by its unique concept. The book is rich with great graphics, colors, textures and patterns, and more than 200 different pages created for the past 20 years in Chile; together with stories, adventures, and emotion driven by the inspirations sentences spread all around the book. Pascualina is resolutely different from what we have ever seen, not only great graphic design for young girls, and a large style guide to work with, but with a real added value in terms of content,” said Daphne De Beauffort, Head of Kids Acquistions at TF1.

Pascualina was created to help tween girls develop an honest and healthy approach to relationships, friendships, family and everyday life events. She is charismatic, stylish with a positive sense of self and is the kind of positive influence parents would want for their tween girls. Pascualina provides a safe and fashionable world for girls to explore and express themselves.

Part diary, part graphic novel and part scrapbook, the Pascualina agenda is filled with beautiful designs, colors, textures and patterns. Readers follow Pascualina’s worldly adventures, record their own innermost thoughts and are inspired by her fashion-forward flair. Wonderful, inspirational sayings fill every page, dealing with the range of emotions every tween encounters like friendship, love, self-esteem, family, tolerance and more.

Pascualina’s world extends beyond the pages of the agenda to other products, social media, and more, and GBI is planning to rollout a comprehensive consumer products program inspired by Pascualina’s world, including, publishing, self-expression, apparel, accessories, toys and crafts and much more.

Source: Genius Brands International

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