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Gene-Fusion Moves from MIPCOM to Brand Licensing London

Upon the deals struck at MIPCOM, Banjax will be taking its new show GENE-FUSION to Brand Licensing London, running October 28-29, 2003. The 26x22 series is set to go in production in January after broadcast deals are sealed with partnerships formed at MIPCOM.

Based on an indie comic book, the show follows the adventures of a crew of kids who travel the World Fusing Federation in the year 2310 engaging in the Gene-Fusion games. The comic was created by Beckett Comics president Jeff Amano. Banjax and Beckett hope to sign licensing deals and partner with local broadcasters for other consumer products.

Richard Morss, managing director of Banjax, said, The childrens TV universe is shrinking because of games and the Internet. GENE-FUSION related to the world of games and other media and contains enough content to give it quality and great commercial potential. It creates a range of artificially created character and beasts to play with and give GENE-FUSION a lot of cross platform potential. GENE-FUSION has everything a property in this area needs and thats been recognized by the broadcast community. Weve had a very positive reaction to the program so far and everyone here at Banjax is excited about making it happen happen.

Banjax originates, produces, sells and licenses animated content for TV, video/DVD, games, cinema, publishing and the Web. For more information, visit

Beckett Comics is a Dallas-based comicbooks publishing firm. For more information, visit

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