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GenArts Introduces New Monsters GT VFX Packs

GenArts has released the new Monsters GT v7, withmore than 50 exceptional effects that enrich every artist’s VFX portfolio.

Press Release from GenArts:

Cambridge, MA -- GenArts, the global leader in specialized visual effects software for the media and advertising industries, released new Monsters GT v7.  Designed to meet the demand for both realistic and original looks, Monsters GT features a wide range of more than 50 exceptional effects that enrich every artist’s VFX portfolio so they can create extraordinary imagery.  For the first time, Monsters GT is available in eleven mini-packs for $99 and a Natural Phenomena theme pack for $299.  With Monsters GT, visual artists everywhere can cost-effectively create one-of-a-kind, cinematic effects that make their work stand out.

"Monsters GT from GenArts brings a unique set of plugins to my workflow,” says Jack Tunnicliffe, a visual effects artist at Java Post Production.  “It seems like many filter packages I own overlap, having many similar filters in different packages. Monsters give you a whole new set of plugins with capabilities unlikely to be found in filters from other developers.”

Monsters GT v7 is the newest addition to GenArts’ Sapphire Accents, a line of special effects designed to enhance every artist’s visual effect portfolio. Monsters GT features a wide variety of inspiring and memorable visual effects that give storytellers more choices to meet the demand for specific looks and solve creative challenges – without a time-consuming effect building process. Some favorite time-savers include flickering candle flames, realistic star fields, evolving sky backgrounds, natural fluids, and authentic weather effects.

Twelve New VFX Packs – $99 to $299

GenArts has introduced a new Natural Phenomena theme pack and eleven mini-packs, available for After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, and Vegas, to deliver specific types of effects in a single, convenient package. The Natural Phenomena theme pack features 19 creative problem-solving tools that realistically simulate weather, atmospheric, fire, and water effects without hours spent building the effects from scratch. Priced at $299, the Natural Phenomena pack is a cost-effective way to simulate common natural marvels in your many projects.

The Natural Phenomena theme pack has quickly become a favorite among compositors. "GenArts Monsters GT is an indispensable addition to my Fusion.  The Natural Phenomena pack alone is worth the price of admission!” says Paul Griswold, an animator at Fusion Digital.  “Recently, I worked on the film ‘Last Call at the Oasis,’ and was tasked with putting Jack Black into a desert scene. GenArts’ Monsters GT was the key to delivering exactly what the director wanted."

Monsters GT also features eleven mini-packs of 2-5 effects priced at $99 per set.  Monsters’ mini-packs are ideal for creating project-specific effects like film burns, night vision, fluids, security camera monitoring, time-based image trails, and dozens of other looks.

For a limited time, GenArts is also offering all visual effects artists a complimentary copy of the Pools mini-pack to create realistic water scenes that interact with their surroundings, including rain falling on water and rippling pools. To learn more, visit

The Full Pack - $499

The complete collection of 59 effects starts at $499 and is an effective tool for visual effects artists to create unique, compelling work. Monsters GT plugins leverages precise control of effect behavior and the highest image quality available to maximize productivity and creativity.

Key Features in Monsters GT v7:

  • Unparalleled range of realistic, artistic, and stylistic effects
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enhanced sprite quality and smoother particle motion
  • New effects and enhancements to create a more streamlined workflow
  • GPU acceleration for improved render times
  • Floating point processing for improved image quality
  • Resolution-independent
  • Available for Autodesk systems, Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, The Foundry Nuke, Assimilate SCRATCH, and Sony Vegas


About GenArts

Established in 1996, GenArts, Inc. provides groundbreaking visual effects to motion graphic artists, compositors, and editors in post-production houses and broadcast networks globally.  Recently, the company expanded capabilities to give video creators from all experience levels the tools to create an array of high-tech effects for indie productions, wedding videography, advertising, video games, films, and more.  The company’s visual effects plugin product portfolio leverages the GenArts SolutionTM to provide industry-leading Sapphire, intuitive videographer tool Sapphire Edge, and a diverse number of complementary Sapphire Accents. The GenArts Solution extends the technology used by customers like Framestore, The Mill, ABC, BBC, and ESPN to businesses of all sizes and budgets so they too can create high-quality visual effects.  Follow GenArts on Twitter and Facebook.

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