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GeForce GPUs Selected for Call of Duty 2

NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs) have been selected by Activision as the preferred platform for CALL OF DUTY 2, the sequel to Infinity Wards 2003 Game of the Year.

CALL OF DUTY 2 is an avalanche of heart-pounding action and non-stop epic intensity. In order to achieve such a high level of lifelike immersion and authenticity throughout the gameplay experience, the team needed to utilize the most advanced graphics tools and techniques possible, said Chuck Huebner, head of worldwide studios, Activision Inc. NVIDIA has recognized this need and delivered the hardware technology enabling the game to be developed on NVIDIA GPUs in both single GPU and SLI configurations, making NVIDIA the preferred graphics hardware for CALL OF DUTY 2.

Partners of NVIDIA will bundle CALL OF DUTY 2 with select graphics cards based on the award-winning series of GeForce GPUs for a limited time. NVIDIA bundles will occur simultaneously with the Windows PC launch of CALL OF DUTY 2 scheduled for Oct. 25.

Thanks to the new CALL OF DUTY 2 engine, the title makes extensive use of advanced vertex and pixel shader technology to create stunning special effects such as soft shadows, heat distortion, and soft particles to achieve amazing realism, said Bill Rehbock, director of developer relations at NVIDIA. CALL OF DUTY 2 performance almost doubles when you combine two NVIDIA GeForce 7 GPUs in SLI mode, making it a showcase title for GeForce 7 graphics cards.

A pre-sale program for GeForce 7-based graphics cards bundled with CALL OF DUTY 2 starts immediately. For further information on NVIDIA GPUs bundled with CALL OF DUTY 2, please visit For details on CALL OF DUTY 2, visit

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