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GDC Announcements From EA

Electronic Arts announced several items of note today.

THE SIMS CARNIVAL, a new online community and gaming experience from THE SIMS Studio, is open for a special closed beta.

An innovative online destination, empowers members to play, create and share casual games within an online community.

To potentially be selected for participation in a closed beta for, create a new account at

With the launch of, hundreds of games will be available to play and as members create and contribute games this number will grow.

The online community is made to be collaborative, so that designing games becomes a fun and shared creative process.

To design games, provides game creation tools for a range of user skill sets so that millions of players can become game designers with no prior programming abilities necessary. will be available to the public online in spring 2008.

EA also unveiled SIMCITY SOCIETIES DESTINATIONS, the first city pack in the popular SIMCITY SOCIETIES line-up of games.

The city pack add-on moves the SimCity Societies experience into exciting, new and sometimes exotic - locales, allowing players to create the perfect vacation spot.

To attract and host Sims travelers from around the world, players must build and manage their destinations with an eye towards lucrative detail.

SIMCITY SOCIETIES DESTINATIONS will be available for the PC across North America and Europe in May 2008.

SIMCITY SOCIETIES DESTINATIONS enhances the SIMCITY SOCIETIES experience by providing all the tools you need to create an entire city or town based on attractions and amenities that visitors enjoy.

With an enhanced map generator, players can identify each city's opportunity for diversion and the city can capitalize on that draw.

From sprawling theme parks and tropical beach resorts to country hiking trails, players can control more than 100 new buildings to create their customized destination.

EA and Image Comics also announced today they are collaborating on a new comic book series based upon the upcoming survival horror video game DEAD SPACE.

The new six book series set in the DEAD SPACE universe will be written and illustrated by Ben Templesmith and written by Antony Johnston.

The DEAD SPACE comic is the prequel story for the game and tells the tale of a deep space mining colony that unexpectedly pulls an ancient and vicious alien life force from the dark rock.

The first issue will be on comic store shelves starting March 3 for $2.99.