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Gaumont-Alphanim & Cartoon One Join Forces On Teen Days

Gaumont-Alphanim signed a deal with the Italian Studio Cartoon One concerning the co-production, distribution and licensing of the animated series Teen Days.

Press Release from Gaumont-Alphanim

Vincennes-Rome, July 13th 2010 : Gaumont-Alphanim signed a deal with the Italian Studio Cartoon One concerning the co-production, distribution and licensing of the animated series Teen Days. Teen Days is a musical show of 26 half hours, directed by Maurizio Nichetti. Its first season was produced by Cartoon One in co-production with Rai Fiction. Gaumont-Alphanim will be joining Cartoon One as co-producer for the second season which is currently in production.

Season 1 is broadcast everyday in France on Disney Channel since November 2009, and in Italy on Rai Due.

With this deal, Gaumont-Alphanim will be in charge of distributing Teen Days Season 1 in the following areas : Europe (apart from Spain, Portugal, Greece, The UK, Ireland and Italy), Asia (except for Japan), South America, French-speaking Africa and the Middle-East. Gaumont’s animation subsidiary will also take care of licensing and merchandising rights in French-speaking Europe.

“We strongly believe in the potential of Teen Days, which concept will be of great appeal on the international market. Its storyline, pace and target audience also make it a perfect fit for Gaumont-Alphanim’s portfolio of series and brands.” said Clément Calvet, CEO of Gaumont-Alphanim.

“We are happy to have such an important partner as Gaumont-Alphanim,” said Angelo Poggi, producer and composer of Teen Days’ music with Giovanni Cera. “This partnership will help make this Italian production a worldwide success. We are also positive that Teen Days’ second season will highly interest international TV channels and will bring excellent results.”

The showTeen Days is the name of the group of 6 teenagers enrolled as freshmen at Musix School, where young talents take music, dancing and singing classes. Isabel, Max, Elia, Leo, Sara and Thomas are all very different in terms of style and social origins, but they all share the same dream : to win the Music One, the international music schools competition.

Gaumont-AlphanimThe company, created in 1997, is one of the main producers and distributors of kids programs. Gaumont-Alphanim produces about 100 half-hours of animated series a year and is currently working on its third feature film. The studio was voted Best Producer in 2007 by Cartoon Movie. Its catalogue includes more than 25 shows and 800 half-hours of high quality animation for kids, broadcast in more than 130 countries, including the USA and Japan. Gaumont-Alphanim also deals with by-products, interactive media and music edition. The company’s star-programs include Galactik Football (78x26’), Robotboy (104x13’), Cooking? Child’s Play! (39x8’) and SantApprentice (52x13’).

Cartoon OneCartoon One was created in 2005 by Angelo Poggi. Based in Rome, Cartoon One Srl produces animated series for kids on the international scale. Cartoon One Srl has rapidly become one of the most dynamic, innovating and creative animation studios on the international scene, strengthening its connections with the most prestigious companies in the field of animation, such as Rai Fiction (Italy), BKN (The UK), HanhFilm (Germany), Epidem Zot (Finland) and Akom (South Korea). Apart from Teen Days, Cartoon One also produces School for Vampires (104x13’), Red Caps (26x26’), and Stone Age (52x13’).

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