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Gary Coleman Snatches Postal Babes for Videogame

Running With Scissors has released its new game, POSTAL 2: SHARE THE PAIN, featuring the likeness of actor and former California gubernatorial candidate Gary Coleman. In SNATCH" one of the many multi-player options available in the new release, players control Coleman as he grabs scantily clad Postal Babes, toss them over his shoulder and run around with them like a version of capture the flag. Coleman also appears as a special player-character in the "Deathmatch" option of P2: STP.

"I definitely think they should have done more motion-capture work," Coleman said. "They needed more footage of me actually carrying those women around. Players will be able to tell whether a sequence is motion-captured or not because in all the real scenes I grabbed the girls' behinds -- with their permission of course."

The game has players become the Postal Dude, who is sent on errands, which players choice to execute as a pacifist or violent killer. The game is available for Windows operating systems and sells for $29.99.

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