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Garner and Lockwood Go Commercial at PDI/DreamWorks

Michael Garner and Laura Lockwood have been named producers at PDI/DreamWorks commercial division, transitioning from the companys feature animation division after their completion of work on SHREK. Immediately following his work as production supervisor for the SHREK character development department, Garner began work for the commercial division, jumping directly onto the production of a Kool-Aid spot shooting in Australia. Prior to his work on SHREK, Garner was production coordinator on PDI/DreamWorks ANTZ, after having served four years as a project coordinator at Digital Domain. Lockwood began her PDI/DreamWorks stay at the commercial division, coming back to the group to begin work on a computer-animated VISA commercial. Lockwood served as producer for the PDI/DreamWorks short film METROPOPULAR, directed by Jonah Hall. Prior to PDI/DreamWorks, Lockwood served as director of programming/producer for AT&T Cable Services. According to Mary Maffei, executive producer of commercials at PDI/DreamWorks, We are thrilled to have both Michael and Laura join us on the commercials side. They each bring with them a remarkable skill set, enormous producing talent and natural ability to interface with both clients and production teams. They both are excited to return to the challenge and diversity inherent in the fast pace of the advertising world.