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Gang of Seven Does Short Animation for Son of the Mask

Gang of Seven (G7) Animation recently completed work on a number of animated sequences for the upcoming New Line feature film, SON OF THE MASK, the sequel to the hit film, THE MASK and stars Jamie Kennedy as animator Tim Avery. The feature is set for release Feb. 18, 2005.

We produced traditional and Flash animated sequences, as well as the CG cartoon that Jamie Kennedys character is creating in the film, said Tom Tataranowicz, G7s production head. For that film within a film, G7 utilized an innovative approach to Toon Shader. The effect, for this sequence, combines the tradition look of 2D with the three dimensional dynamics of CGI animation to provide a unique, updated appearance to the screen image.

We made a CGI cartoon that looks like a short theatrical cartoon from the 1940s in 3D, added animation supervisor Rich Arons.

G7 produced several other fantasy sequences for the film, casting the talent to each piece. Following our approach of bringing the right people for the right job, we used Eric Goldberg as animator for one sequence, said animation supervisor Tom Sito. Goldberg is well known for his work as the supervising animator on the Genie in ALADDIN and the director of POCAHONTAS. We were very pleased to have talent of Erics caliber on this project.

Additionally, G7 Animation has just finished work on two projects for BKN International,LEGEND OF THE DRAGON and ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES THE LOST SCIMITAR OF ARABIA. The studio did all pre production including design, layout and storyboard for the 26-episode series.

We understand, from BKN, that they had tremendous reaction and results with their buyers during MIPCOM, G7s head of business development, David Armstrong commented. We feel that G7 did a great job with the show and wish BKN success in their sales efforts, Armstrong added.

G7 also provided development and pre-production and character design for ALI BABA. This is being produced as a direct-to-DVD movie, the second from BKN.

Gang of 7 Animation, headquartered in North Hollywood, California, merges the talents of Tom Tataranowicz, Rich Arons, Tom Sito, Dennis Venizelos, and David Armstrong.

Last year, the group pioneered bilingual animation programming.

Gang of 7 Animation ( does service work as it develops and produces 2D and 3D animation for TV, commercial, film and Internet applications. For further information, please contact David Armstrong at: or (818) 980-6001.