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GameTap Celebrates First Birthday

GameTap, the first-of-its-kind broadband entertainment network from Turner Broadcasting System Inc., celebrates its first birthday.

On its first anniversary, GameTap currently features:* The largest collection of videogames on-demand with more than 700 titles, including FAR CRY, TONY HAWK PRO SKATER and TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX 3 GOLD* The worldwide exclusive debut of "SAM & MAX Episode 1: Culture Shock" * More 50 Challenge games including STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3, PAC MAN, DIG DUG, BUST-A-MOVE, COMBAT and PONG* Six more new episodes of COMPUTER LAB* Original GameTap TV shows such as QUICK HIT, featuring Twisted Sister's Dee Snider and Jay Jay talking about their new Twisted Sister Christmas album, currently being world premiered on* A growing library of celebrity interviews, "making-of" shorts and game trailers* Parental controls that enable parents to select games and content appropriate for each child in the family* For the younger set, edutainment titles such as PUTT PUTT, JUMP START, CLUE FINDERS, MIGHTY MATH, LEGO and MATH BLASTER

"The future of GameTap is continuing to offer more dynamic, innovative and exclusive content that drives people to the network and keeps them there longer," says Stuart Snyder, GameTap's svp/gm. "We have spent the last year putting our resources towards understanding what consumers really want in gameplay. By offering more original content for everyone, from adventure to MMO games to family-friendly titles, we're continuing to make a wide spectrum of entertainment easily available and affordable to gamers of all ages."

After a year of continued success domestically, GameTap begins its worldwide push into the Canadian market. In addition to more than 600 great games, GameTap Canada will offer the same new episodic and MMO games exclusive to GameTap U.S., as well as family-friendly titles and GameTap TV, the exclusive broadband video channel with original gaming content and entertainment, 100% on demand, all dedicated to the gaming lifestyle.

"PC penetration and broadband usage have skyrocketed over the past few years, and so have prices for consoles and individual game titles," says David Reid, vp of marketing for GameTap. "In this environment, for an investment of $9.95 or less per month, GameTap emerges as a tremendous value that provides endless hours of original programming and access to more than 700 games, including exclusive episodic content such as SAM & MAX and MYST ONLINE: URU LIVE?

"We've made a commitment to ensuring that everyone gets what they want at GameTap," said Snyder. "No matter how large our subscriber base, we'll always be nimble enough to respond to what our community needs, whether it be more exclusive and original content, more adventure or MMO titles, or hotter TV programming. We'll continue to break the entertainment barriers in 2007 and beyond."

To register for GameTap, visit and receive a free trial.

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