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Gamers Can Mod To The Max With Discreet's gmax Software

Discreet has released gmax 1.2, a free downloadable video game modification application used by game enthusiasts, game developers and publishers. With over 300,000 registered users since its 2001 release, gmax software has become a popular tool for gamers wanting to add custom characters, environments and animations to PC games. Leading game developers and publishers such as Infogrames, Electronic Arts and Microsoft have adopted gmax to produce gmax-ready titles with customization capabilities to enhance the title's appeal to the rapidly growing game "modder" community. gmax 1.2 offers compatibility with Discreet's plasma, a desktop 3D content creation software. With this compatibility, users can create or enhance game characters in gmax, and render their creations into movies or Flash animations in plasma. The gmax 1.2 release also offers performance optimizations for the Intel P4 and includes a number of general software fixes. ""The gmax technology is revolutionizing the way games are made," said Paul Perreault, Discreet games product manager. "Gone are the days when consumers were stuck playing the same pattern in a videogame again and again. gmax 1.2 allows game companies to create a new experience for the customer every time, challenging the consumer with each game played." gmax 1.2 is now available for free as a software download at