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Gamers Become Animators With Color Quest

Video game publisher Agetec, Inc. has announced COLOR QUEST as the next addition to their "Designer Series" of games. Created by TAITO, the game will be available in early May 2003, exclusively for Sony PlayStation 2. COLOR QUEST is a 3D adventure game that offers a graphics tool that allows players the ability to fully render and animate their own cast of characters. These characters are interactive within the game and become integral parts of the player's success in completing the adventure. Developers say that by breaking down the character into parts that are animated separately (body, arms, legs, wings, horns, etc.), COLOR QUEST provides an animation platform accessible to both non-artists and those who have artistic interests. The game also comes with more than 1,000 pre-rendered characters. In the game, the player takes on the role of a young traveling "Doodler" who befriends two children who are looking for their father. As a Doodler, the player is granted the ability to draw characters in a sketchbook that stores them until they are needed. Along the way, players collects new parts and colors for the sketchbook enabling them to draw larger, more complex and powerful characters. COLOR QUEST is rated 'E' for 'Everyone' by the ESRB.