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GameRacer Indoor Racing Simulator Comes to North America

GameRacer, the Indoor Racing Simulator that is hugely successful in Europe, is coming to North America. With a racing seat mounted to a highly adjustable frame that enables the gamer to connect a steering wheel and pedal set, GameRacer allows players to actually sit the drivers seat of their favorite racing games.

"GameRacer(TM) has been very successful," said GameRacer designer, Ted Poole. This success is due to GameRacer's instant appeal. You only have to try it once and you have to have one."

Andy James, head of Game Racing Simulations Inc., the U.S. distributor for GameRacer, said, "I've grown up playing racing games on the PC and own one of the first force feedback wheels on the PC. I've shied away from console racing games because the controller just didn't seem natural. As soon as I sat in the GameRacer in front of a big screen TV equipped with a surround sound system, I was completely breathless. I knew that I had to bring GameRacer to the U.S." Andy is an avid kart racer and racing enthusiast. He is typical of the kind of person that buys a GameRacer.

The GameRacer Indoor Racing Simulator comes in three versions. The top of the line GameRacer PRO features a custom-built race style seat in a blue/black velour trim and black frame. The GameRacer Club and GameRacer Sport are built using high quality genuine kart seats. The wheel-plate and foot-plate that the wheel and pedal set attach to are designed to fit most leading brands and types. This will allow GameRacer to be usable on the next generation consoles.

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