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Gamecaster's Virtual Camera Control Technology Patent Approved

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a Notice of Allowance for Gamecaster’s U.S. patent application.

The patent claims both Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology for controlling virtual cameras within virtual environments created with software such as Autodesk Maya or video game engines, and the method of utilizing this technology to film within such environments. Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology is comprised of a motion sensor, HD color viewfinder and two thumbstick controls, which mount to a tripod fluidhead and panbars. The technology can also be mounted to a Steadicam or a shoulder mount for hand-held operation.

A remarkable advance in virtual camera control, Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology enhances the production process of motion picture pre-visualization, visual effects, and 3-D animation. The technology enables digital layout artists, whose job is to plot camera paths and compose shots for feature films and episodic animation, to overcome current limitations and workflow issues, and to produce cinematic live action-style shots quickly and effectively, in real-time, with the fluidity and precision that only real-life camera equipment operated by a human cameraman can offer.

Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology also enhances the production process of video game cut scenes, trailers, and televised video game tournaments. The technology enables sports cameramen to film the action at video game tournaments from within the game itself. Directors can block multiple cameramen within the game during battles, and call an in-game multicamera live switch consistent with standards used in real-life sports broadcasts.

Content producers can license Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology for a share of downstream revenue. Educational institutions can license the technology on a recurring fee basis. If you would like more information about Gamecaster's virtual camera control technology, or to schedule a live demonstration, contact David MacIntosh at (619) 234-4263 or