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Game Over Begins 3D Debut On UPN March 10

UPN's new comedy, GAME OVER, network primetime's first-ever CGI-animated series, will debut tonight March 10, 2004 at 8:00 pm, which follows the far-from-ordinary suburban Smashenburn family living in an alternate videogame universe comprised of off-beat characters, action heroes, monsters and cartoon characters inspired by popular videogames. The series is produced by Carsey-Werner-Mandabach, created by David Sacks (THE SIMPSONS, THE TICK) and developed by David Goetsch (3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN), David Sacks, Jason Venokur (3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN) and Ross Venokur (THE TICK) while 3D animation is produced by Toronto-based DKP Effects.

Rip Smashenburn is a racecar driver who rides daily in the Grand Prix and hopes to one day make it through a single race without blowing up. His beautiful wife, Raquel, juggles familial responsibilities with her career as a gun-toting, monster-fighting government agent. Their son, Billy, is a hip-hop loving, trend-obsessed 13-year-old who couldn't be more different than his older sister, Alice, a 15-year-old trying to save the world one annoying way at a time. The family pet, Turbo, is 300 pounds of everything a pet isn't. He knocks over pawnshops, busts open parking meters and robs the fighting Shaolin monks who live next door.

GAME OVER stars the voices of E.G. Daily (RUGRATS GO WILD!, CHALK ZONE) as Billy Smashenburn, Rachel Dratch (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) as Alice Smashenburn, Artie Lang (THE HOWARD STERN SHOW, ELF) as Turbo, Lucy Liu (CHARLIE'S ANGELS, ALLY MCBEAL) as Raquel Smashenburn and Patrick Warburton (SEINFELD, THE TICK) as Rip Smashenburn.

Tonights episode, Meet The Smashenburns, has patriarch Rip seeking a pet to help his family bond. They end up with Turbo, cigar-chomping pooch with an attitude. While the mother, Rachel, is back at work in search of the Golden Monkey, her teenage daughter, Alice, must buy her first bra with the assistance of her dad and her younger brother. The episode will encore on UPN March 12 at 9:00 pm.

The adventures continue on March 17 in Basic Win-Stincts, when Rip discovers he wife makes four times as much as he does and becomes extremely jealous and insecure, forcing him to see a sports psychologist.

The third episode, All Work And All Play, airs March 24, has their neighbor Dark Princess (voiced by Marie Matiko) guilting Raquel into making costumes for Billys school play, while still doing a good job as a secret agent. Her daughter tries to convince her dad to let her date his racing buddy Zeke.

GAME OVER is exec produced by Goetsch, Sacks, Jason Venokur, Ross Venokur, Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach. John Rice (KING OF THE HILL) is supervising director and directed these first three episodes.

DKP Effects Inc., one of Canada's largest 3D animation, effects and compositing houses, has gained a reputation for excellence in producing high-end digital visual images for feature films (X-MEN), commercials, television series and TV movies. For more information, visit