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Game Developer Magazine Publishes Game Career Guide

The U.S. video game industry grew 43% in 2001, and remains a hotbed of career opportunity in a struggling economy. In response, GAME DEVELOPER magazine has published its first "Game Career Guide." In this special issue of Game Developer, game industry veterans provide valuable information to aspiring developers, including an overview of careers in game development and the skills they require, along with a comprehensive directory of game development schools and programs. They also address important career development concerns such as how to choose the right educational path for a career in game development, how to create resumes and demo reels and how to get and succeed in an interview, making the annual guide an invaluable tool for students, recent graduates wishing to enter the field of game development and professionals who want to change careers. "There is a whole generation that has grown up with video games. Now, as adults, they're recognizing game development as a viable, rewarding career choice," said Jennifer Olsen, editor-in-chief of GAME DEVELOPER magazine. "GAME DEVELOPER's 2002 "Game Career Guide" provides a roadmap for people who are looking at what opportunities exist in the field, both in education and career planning." The 2002 "Game Career Guide" is now available at most major newsstands and can be downloaded at