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Gama Network Announces Independent Games Festival Finalists

CMP Media's Gama Network announced the finalists in the fifth annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) Competition. Selected by a panel of game industry professionals, 10 finalist teams will compete for the $15,000 Seamus McNally Grand Prize as well as other awards honoring technical excellence, game design, visual art and audio awards. Finalists will have the opportunity to exhibit their games at the Game Developers Conference, March 4-8, 2003 in San Jose, California and the winners will be announced at the Game Developers Choice Awards Ceremony on March 6, 2003. The Gama Network established the Independent Games Festival in 1998 to encourage innovation in game development and to recognize the best independent game developers. More information about the finalist games can be seen at

The 10 games selected are (in alphabetical order):

BASEGOLF by Alitius (Foster City, California, USA) FURCADIA by Dragon's Eye Productions (Austin, Texas, USA)

MR. BIGSHOT by Mr. Bigshot, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) PONTIFEX 2 by Chronic Logic (Santa Cruz, California, USA)

REINER KNIZIA'S SAMURAI by Klear Games, LLC (Dallas, Texas, USA) STRANGE ADVENTURES IN INFINITE SPACE by Digital Eel (Kirkland, Washington, USA) TEENAGE LAWNMOWER by Robinson Technologies (Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima-ken, Japan) TERRAFORMERS by Pong Interactive HB (Tumba, Sweden)

WILD EARTH by Super X Studios (Federal Way, Washington, USA) WORD 'EM UP by Shizmoo Games, Inc. (New York, New York, USA)