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FUNimation Gets the Goods on Detective Conan

FUNimation Prods., Ltd. has acquired the rights to DETECTIVE CONAN, a Japanese mega-hit series produced by TMS Entertainment, Ltd., the Fort Worth-Texas-based company announced during the recent Anime Expo 2003 in Anaheim, California.

DETECTIVE CONAN is one of the highest rated series in Japan, is in its sixth season with 300 half-hours produced as well as two movies, THE TIME BOMBED SKYSCRAPER and THE FOURTEENTH TARGET, which FUNimation also acquired the rights to. Home video release dates for the features are tentatively scheduled for late spring 2004.

Detective Conan is the story about a 17-year-old detective, Shinichi Kudo. While still in high school, he is a crime-solving genius. Shinichi's dream of becoming the best detective in the world takes a step in the wrong direction when a pair of villains unwittingly transform the teen back to the size of a seven-year-old. Not wanting his best friend, Ran, to know the truth, Shinichi adopts the persona of Detective Conan, a pint-sized detective who must find a way to solve crimes the police can't seem to figure out all the while searching for clues to the villains who shrunk him.

FUNimation is full-service brand management company with in-house production, licensing, Internet and home video distribution. In addition to DRAGON BALL, FUNimation also produces DRAGON BALL Z and YU YU HAKUSHO, both top-rated shows on Cartoon Network; DRAGON BALL GT, the highly anticipated sequel to DRAGON BALL Z, and BLUE GENDER, a sci-fi anime heading to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in August 2003. For more information on FUNimation or any of its properties go to