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Fuel VFX Deploys Aspera for Global Media File Transfer

Aspera announced that Fuel VFX has selected and deployed Aspera faspex to manage and transfer their digital assets.

Press release from Aspera:

EMERYVILLE, CA — Aspera announced that Fuel VFX has selected and deployed Aspera to manage and transfer their digital assets. An innovative visual effects studio founded in 2000 and based in Sydney, Australia, Fuel VFX has been charged with producing visual effects for blockbuster films such as Prometheus, The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. The company has a vision to inspire and engage both clients and artists and incorporates best of breed technologies for efficiency and to help artists achieve complex sequences.  

As the media and entertainment industry continues the transition from tape to digital assets, Fuel VFX needed an ultra-fast, robust and secure delivery system to transfer work in progress and finished assets around the world with their clients. FTP was no longer a reliable or feasible transfer methodology, so a directed professional transfer system was sought to help with management of transfers, speed to the end point and simplicity for internal staff. The Aspera faspex person-to-person file distribution and exchange platform was evaluated and quickly chosen having met the security, speed, and ease of use requirements put forth by Fuel VFX.

“Aspera was able to quickly integrate in to our existing Linux infrastructure to give us the required high-speed transfers to our partners around the world,” said Dylan Penhale CTO at Fuel VFX. “The faspex web-based interface is very easy for our employees to use, and includes all they key features we need such as automatic client installation, e-mail notifications for delivery and download, and dropboxes with custom metadata for ad-hoc third-party submissions.”

“Because of the extremely valuable nature of the productions that Fuel VFX is responsible for, a premium was placed on security,” said John Wastcoat, vice president at Aspera. “And because all Aspera software comes with complete, built-in security for user authentication, data encryption over the wire and at rest, and data integrity verification we were able to surpass the requirements and make sure that their content remains safe.”

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Jennifer Wolfe is Director of News & Content at Animation World Network.