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FriendsWithYou Makes 'Wish Come True'

Ontario’s public educational media organization TVO joins Guru Studio and Home Plate Entertainment to develop new CG Preschool series from FriendsWithYou called “Wish Come True.”

TORONTO, ON -- Guru Studio and Home Plate Entertainment announced that Ontario’s public educational media organization TVO has joined the development team for Wish Come True (52 x 11), an exciting new preschool property from internationally acclaimed art collective and creative studio FriendsWithYou.

Wish Come True is a CG animated series made for three to six year-olds that combines fresh interactive elements with a dynamic graphic style. Its origin as an art concept created by FriendsWithYou has inspired an exciting, visually vibrant property. The distinctive design style is also manifested in a growing toy line which is currently sold internationally in specialty toy stores, as well as through Amazon.

Wish Come True revolves around a nine-year-old girl named True and her adventures in Rainbow City. With her best friend Bartleby the cat, True spends her days honing her skills as an adventurer extraordinaire. Whenever there’s a problem it’s True who sets things right. She’s brave, athletic, inquisitive, and exceedingly clever. But she has something else on her side too: the Wishes! The Wishes are a collection of tiny characters that, like little sprites, have the ability to bestow powers. One has the power to make things grow. Another can make True fly. Still others can make her run fast, bounce high, or shrink down to the size of an ant!

Every adventure begins with True choosing three wishes from the Rainbow King’s collection. The powers from each wish can only be used once, and the magic doesn’t last forever. When obstacles appear in True’s path, and they always do, True has to think through which Wish to use and when. This unique combination of problem solving and non-stop action is at the heart of every episode.

“TVOKids is happy to develop Wish Come True with Guru Studios and Home Plate Entertainment,” says Patricia Ellingson, TVO’s Creative Head of Children & Parent’s Media. “As a trusted source of children’s educational programming, TVOKids focuses on helping children to develop essential life skills by presenting a well-rounded curriculum on air and online. Critical thinking is key to becoming a good problem solver and decision making is the key learning outcome of Wish Come True."

Frank Falcone, President and Founder of Guru Studios, states, “Wish Come True has all the elements Guru likes to work with: a strong, character-driven concept with a distinctive visual style, framed by an extremely well developed curriculum. And working on this project with industry veteran Bill Schultz lends the property a very high level of credibility.”

Bill Schultz, CEO & Executive Producer of Home Plate Entertainment, adds, “The characters in Wish Come True will have immediate and enduring appeal thanks to both their engaging design and charming personality. The artistic element brought by concept creator FriendsWithYou, added to Guru's experience in producing character-led TV series, are sure to result in a great show.”

Source: Guru Studio

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