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French Entrepreneur Starts Zagtoon Animation Production Company

Paris, 15th May 2009. Inspired by the worldwide success of animation giant Haim Saban (creator and producer of the mega-successful series POWER RANGERS amongst many others), passionate French entrepreneur Jeremy Zag announced today the creation of his media production company Univergroup and its subsidiary ZAGTOON. The holding company will oversee film and TV production and ZAGTOON will be dedicated to the production of animation programs for the international market.

Seven years after seeing Haim Saban and Jacqueline Tordjman on France's M6 business show "Capital", Jeremy Zag has at last fulfilled his childhood dreams of producing blue-chip animation series for children.

To ensure the success of his ambitions and replicate the development of his company in the Saban style, Jeremy's first move was to convince Jacqueline Tordjman, renowned and respected animation industry veteran, to take part in the ambitious project of producing and distributing the animation series that he had been developing over recent years. Of the six series in the pipeline, two of which have been developed internally, two are licences that Univergroup have negotiated with cartoon publisher Europa Glenat ( Tcho-Titeuf) and two are in co-production with animation studios in France and abroad.

SWEET POWER ("Sweetpower" heros, who have magical "vitamin" powers, combat the "Glucido" baddies to thwart their diabolical plans to get rich by hypnotizing children by making them addicted to sugar and sweets) TRANSYLMANIAK (Dracula's son learns how to become a real human being) and ROSIE (a cheeky little Miss with a with a witty repartee that pesters people when she gets bored, which is often ) are already in pre-production and pilots will be available at MIPCOM.

"Jeremy's passion for creating edutainment for youngsters convinced me that I wasn't quite ready to quit television" Jacqueline admitted. "The projects he was preparing when he approached me at the beginning of this year were far too exciting and ambitious to ignore!"

Jacqueline's television career began when she met Haim Saban in 1977, with whom she worked for over 25 years until the latter left France for the US. Her production credits include Goldorak, Inspector Gadget, Ulysee 31, Starsky and Hutch (soundtracks) and in produced in Parisian studios: Achille Talon, Iznogoud, Princesse Sissi and more recently the big budget series Witch, Atom and Combo Ninos that is airing now on France's TF1. The series have sold internationally to over 20 major territories.

Jeremy commented "When you have a passion, motivation and the fabulous opportunity to work with an associate of Jacqueline's calibre the sky is the limit. Experience and energy have joined forces!"

The Paris-based Univergroup Capital Media Company will work with a number of French and international animation studios and will be present at the Annecy Animation Market in June and at MIPCOM in October 2009.

Wholly-owned subsidiary of Univergroup, ZAGTOON is committed to producing quality, character driven, edutainment series for children.