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French animation exports to screen in LA!

TVFI, a trade association supporting the international sale of French TVprograms, presents a French Animation Evening in Los Angeles, with ascreening of "La France s'Anime" ("France Gets Animated"), followed by aFrench party. "La France s'Anime: 19 Projects for the Year 2000 " is acompilation of French TV series pilots including: "Les Aventures d'Ooki"(Les Films de la Perrine), "Chris Colorado" (AB Productions), "Les Mysteresde Babel" (Praxinos), "Mars Brothers" (France Animation), "Allo la TerreIci les Martin" (Alphanim), "Digital Monsters" (Studio Latin-Medialab),"Pigeon Man" (Millimages), "Fred The Caveman" (Antefilms Production),"Frank" (Praxinos), "Weird Monsters" (2001), "Canards à l'Extreme"(Alphanim), "Frogsters Production" (Ellipsanime), "The Busters"(Ellipsanime), "Jack et Marcel" (Protecrea), "Les Girafes" (FantomeAnimation), "Corto Maltese" (Ellipsanime), "Marsupilami" (Marathon),"Titeuf" (France Animation), "Malo Korrigan" (Futurikon), and "Dumplings inSpace" (Les Films de la Perrine). This event is organized with the supportof the SACD, SPFA, CMC Laboratories, and the cultural services (Broadcast &Movie Office) of the French Embassy in Los Angeles.

This French Evening is organized in conjunction with AnimationXChange, anevent held in Los Angeles November 27 - December 3, 1999. Organized byUK-based company MediaXChange, these encounters will bring togetherEuropean producers with American producers and TV buyers. TVFI supports theparticipation of French production companies in the AnimationXChange. Youcan find more information about TVFI on the web at: