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Fremantle Acquires Friends And Heroes

The Fremantle Corp. has acquired the new combined 2D and 3D animated production, FRIENDS AND HEROES. The distribution company will showcase the animated series at MIPCOM along with a substantial list of previously announced programming. This series will also be made available at MIPCOM Jr.

FRIENDS AND HEROES (39 episodes in three series of 13x26) is an epic animated tale of two young people in the first century Macky and Portia whose idealism and friendship lead them across the ancient world, from the fabled Egyptian port of Alexandria, to the besieged city of Jerusalem and finally, to the very heart of the Empire: Rome. As they fight for justice and survival against the might of the Roman Empire, they become friends and then, in turn, heroes.

Through Macky and Portia, FRIENDS AND HEROES tells the stories of the Old and New Testaments. This animated adventure series is geared for children ages 6-10. FRIENDS AND HEROES is produced in association with the BBC.

The Fremantle Corp. sells to all markets and media internationally and continues to aggressively pursue product either completed, in production and/or requiring co-production partners. The company continues to represent a substantial catalogue of programming and welcomes industry pundits to visit booth R35.14 at MIPCOM.

The Fremantle Corp. along with Morningstar Ent., Venture Licensing and KEI Prods., are part of the Kaleidoscope group of companies. For more information, log onto to

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