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Free Version Of Brazil r/s V2 Now Available

SplutterFish, a high-end 3-D rendering software solutions provider, has released the highly-respected Brazil Rendering System V2 Rio Edition, a free version of its award-winning Brazil r/s V2 renderer for 3ds Max. Brazil V2 Rio is a fully-functional rendering suite which allows artists to learn and explore the depth and capabilities of Brazil r/s. Artists can download Brazil V2 Rio at

SplutterFish believes that lack of access to tools should not be the reason for keeping creative individuals from expanding their skills and realizing their potential. Thus it has a long history of freely providing critical, 3-D tools to the CG community -- many of which are now shipped "in-the-box" with 3ds Max.

Widely used by top studios in feature films, game development, and cross-visualization fields, Brazil r/s is now open to all industry professionals, students and enthusiasts, to experience this revolutionary, high-end rendering technology risk-free. Brazil V2 Rio offers all the same features of the full, commercial release of Brazil r/s V2, with some limitations on output resolution, network rendering, and file-save format.

Connie Jacobs, COO of SplutterFish, said, "We hope that by supporting the community, the community will continue to grow and support our efforts as well. As Harry Tuttle from Terry Gilliam's film, BRAZIL, says, 'Listen kid, we're all in it together.'"

Brazil V2 Rio users will have access to learning materials, including V2 documentation, tutorial and example files, and the company's community discussion forums and online chat areas where artists exchange advice and instruction.