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Free Atlantis Online Game Announced

Disney Interactive has announced that the preview game DISNEYS ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRESEARCH FOR THE JOURNAL, the online multi-player preview to their retail game, DISNEYS ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRETRIAL BY FIRE, is now available free of charge. In the preview, players start their adventure in Iceland, 13 years before the retail game begins. Their mission is to search for and retrieve the Shepherds Journal, an ancient book said to reveal the secrets to finding the lost city of Atlantis. Users can get instant access at The game uses the Into Networks IntoPlayer real-time gaming system. The system identifies and monitors each users network connection to analyze the optimal delivery options, and adjusts to each individuals unique connection speed at any given time. This means that users can actually start playing without waiting for the entire game to be delivered. The free online version of the game will be available through July 2001.