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Frederator Announces 'Bee and PuppyCat' Series

Frederator and Cartoon Hangover partner to develop a Bee and PuppyCat series.

'Bee and PuppyCat'

Frederator and Cartoon Hangover announced that the series Bee and PuppyCat is in development. The original two part short animated film, Bee and PuppyCat, debuted on Frederator's YouTube funded Channel Cartoon Hangover and were quickly viewed millions of times. 

Bee and PuppyCat is the first original cartoon to come to the screen from Natasha Allegri, an artist who previously worked on Cartoon Network's hit cartoon Adventure Time. Natasha is most well known for creating Adventure Time's highest rated episodes featuring Fionna and Cake, the gender-bent versions of main characters Finn and Jake. The idea for this fan favorite switch began as artwork Natasha created for her own tumblr blog and which became a viral sensation on the internet before Cartoon Network incorporated them into the Adventure Time series.

Bee and PuppyCat features 20-something woman Bee who has a collision with a mysterious alien she calls PuppyCat that vaguely resembles both a cat and a dog. Unemployed, broke, and in an awkward relationship with her cute neighbor, Bee is swept into an intergalactic adventure with the surly PuppyCat. 

Funding is being raised via Kickstarter. Frederator is seeking to raise $600,000 for at least six, six minute cartoons. Frederator has made over 200 short films, more than 16 series for television, including the hits Fairly OddParents for Nickelodeon and Adventure Time for Cartoon Network, as well as the Bravest Warriors series for Frederator's own Cartoon Hangover which has gained tens of millions of views in less than year since its launch. 

Frederator is seeking the funds from fans through Kickstarter to quickly underwrite a series of Bee and PuppyCat cartoons, something that could take possibly years to do in a conventional television development cycle. The funds would permit Frederator to produce the cartoon Natasha Allegri's envisions without the often intrusive involvement of a typical television network. Kickstarter has also been key to engaging the support and attention from a huge number of people for other projects and Frederator is hopeful that Bee and PuppyCat can find an even wider audience through a successful campaign. 

Frederator has partnered with Breadpig, a sidekick-for-hire that supplies strategy services and has helped orchestrate millions of dollars of fundraising through the crowd sourcing platform. 

Source: Frederator

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