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Freddie Prinze, Jr. To Voice Delgo Title Role

After a long series of cast announcements featuring an all-star group of actors in the CGI indie fantasy DELGO, the title role has finally been announced with Freddie Prinze, Jr. as the voice of Delgo.

Im very excited about this movie, says Prinze. The look of Delgo is completely unique. Its an amazingly detailed fantasy world and its filled with fun characters that audiences will really respond to. The storys got something for everyone: action, comedy and romance everything you need for a great movie. Im thrilled to be a part of it.

Nobody could play Delgo better, says co-director, Jason Maurer. From the moment we heard his voice, we knew we had to have Freddie as our title character. His talent and enthusiasm are unparalleled and hes really taken the film to another level.

The cast includes: Val Kilmer (THE DOORS, TOMBSTONE) voicing Bogardus, a fearless and cocky street-smart soldier; Jennifer Love Hewitt (HEARTBREAKERS, THE TUXEDO) voicing the feisty Princess Kyla; Anne Bancroft (THE GRADUATE, GREAT EXPECTATIONS) voicing Sedessa, an intelligent, vain, eccentric leader; Chris Kattan (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) voicing Filo, a fast-talking, wise-cracking smart-aleck; comedian and cult icon; Eric Idle (MONTY PYTHON) voicing Spig, a bumbling, pompous-yet dimwitted-imp; Michael Clarke Duncan (DAREDEVIL, THE GREEN MILE) voicing Elder Marley, a mystical Stonesage master; Lou Gossett, Jr. (AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN) is voicing the benevolent King Zahn; KELLY RIPA (Live With Regis and Kelly) voices the Princess' handmaiden; Malcolm McDowell (A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, CAT PEOPLE)voicing Raius, a fierce and dogmatic soldier; Burt Reynolds (BOOGIE NIGHTS, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT) is voicing Delgo's Father and Sally Kellerman (M*A*S*H) is narrating the film.

The film has been in production at Atlanta-based Fathom Studios since 2001 and has created a worldwide following largely due to the digital dailies, a message board on the movie's Website (, where the studio's production teams post selected works-in-progress, allowing fans to watch the making of the film as it happens.