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Franny's Feet Keep Tapping In Sales For DECODE

DECODE Entertainment has concluded a number of pre-sales for its illustrative digital 2D animated show FRANNYS FEET. The pre-school series features a little girl whose fantastic feet step into magical adventures when she tries on shoes in her grandfathers repair shop. Commissioned by Channel Five in the U.K. and the Family Channel in Canada, the 13x30 minute show will step onto the schedules at Discovery UK and ABC in Australia. DECODE is seeking licensing partners for all categories.

Wherever she goes, Franny meets fascinating characters with unusual problems, like the cowboy whos afraid of horses or the fearsome Yeti who really just needs someone to talk to. Franny always tries to help them with their predicament. She also shares with the audience her feelings, fears and advice with lessons about empathy, co-operation and appreciating diversity in others.

The distinctive animation style of FRANNYS FEET is brought to life through DECODEs ongoing relationship with C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, which animated the ANGELA ANNACONDA series. For more on DECODE, check out