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Frank Tashlin Spotlighted in New Golden Looney Tunes DVD Collection

On Nov. 14, viewers will shout "Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba!" when Warner Home Video (WHV) releases LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME FOUR ($64.92) and LOONEY TUNES SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION VOLUME FOUR ($26.99).

"The release of new GOLDEN COLLECTION volumes has become a highly-anticipated yearly event for Looney Tunes fans. We think consumers will be really pleased with the selection of shorts we have chosen for this volume. Viewers will find some of their favorites as well as some rarities," commented Dorinda Marticorena, WHV vp, kids and sports marketing. She added, "Warner Bros. artists were brilliant in their creation of Looney Tunes because they have brought to life such enduring characters. More than half a century later, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Porky Pig and the rest of the Looney Tunes family are as popular as ever."

LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME FOUR will feature a four-disc set with 60 unedited classic, digitally re-mastered, animated shorts, and will be packed with special features, including commentaries, alternate audio programs, "Behind-the-Tunes" featurettes, rare shorts and more. Each disc in this set will be devoted to a theme or character and will feature 15 shorts.

Disc one focuses on everyone's favorite carrot-crunching hare, Bugs Bunny and includes such shorts as ROMAN LEGION-HARE, RABBIT HOOD and SAHARA HARE. The disc also includes KNIGHTY KNIGHT BUGS, a short in which a medieval Bugs Bunny traded blows with Yosemite Sam and his fire-breathing dragon. The cartoon won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject: Cartoons.

Disc two showcases the work of animator, screenwriter and director, Frank Tashlin, whose trademark cartoons featured quick editing, wild and outrageous gags and extremely odd angles. This disc contains THE CASE OF THE STUTTERING PIG, which features Petunia Pig, and also includes LITTLE PANCHO VANILLA, LITTLE BEAU PORKY, PORKY IN THE NORTH WOODS and several others.

The third disc is devoted to "the fastest mouse in all Mexico," Speedy Gonzales, and includes CAT-TAILS FOR TWO, which features a skinnier Speedy with a sizeable gold front tooth. Disc three also includes TABASCO ROAD, MEXICALI SHMOES and THE PIED PIPER OF GUADALUPE, all of which were nominated for Academy Awards.

Disc four is entirely devoted to the theme of cats and features such shorts as THE NIGHT WATCHMAN, PIZZICATO PUSSYCAT, THE ARISTO-CAT and others. THE NIGHT WATCHMAN is a Merrie Melodies cartoon that was the first short with Chuck Jones as director.

Exclusive bonus DVD features include:

Disc 1: Bugs Bunny Classics* Commentaries* Alternate Audio Programs:* Twilight in Tunes: The Music of Raymond Scott* BUGS BUNNY SUPERSTAR PART 1 (1976 documentary)* Powerhouse in Pictures* FIFTY YEARS OF BUGS BUNNY IN 3 1/2 MINUTES (1989 short)* THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW* Trailer gallery

Disc 2: Frank Tashlin* Commentaries* BUGS BUNNY SUPERSTAR PART 2 (1976 documentary)* PORKY AND DAFFY IN THE WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE (2006 short)* Frank Tashlin's Storybooks* From the Vault

Disc 3: Speedy Gonzales* Commentaries* Alternate Audio Programs* FRIZ ON FILM (2006 Documentary)* From the Vault:

Disc 4: Cats* Commentaries* Alternate Audio Programs* BEHIND THE TUNES (2006 documentary featurettes)* From the Vault

LOONEY TUNES SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION VOLUME FOUR will feature 28 of the best animated shorts pulled from LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME FOUR. The set will include two discs starring an assortment of Looney Tunes' zaniest cartoon characters plus bonus features. The first disc, which is devoted to Bugs Bunny, features 14 shorts, including RABBIT HOOD, OPERATION: RABBIT, BARBARY-COAST BUNNY and others. The second disc, devoted to the topic of cats, showcases 14 shorts, including DOUGH RAY ME-OW, KISS ME CAT, CAT FEUD and several others.

Exclusive bonus DVD features include: