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France Gets Chaotic

Press Release from 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

The Chaotic trading card game (TCG) from 4Kids Entertainment, Inc. has now launched across France.

Chaotic is the first trading card property specifically designed to combine trading card game play with a unique online multiplayer video game experience. Each Chaotic trading card is printed with a unique alphanumeric code that enables Chaotic players to upload their personal card collection onto the Chaotic Website, Additionally, the Website features interactive game play functionality, a Web-based trade sector (allowing users to trade their Chaotic Cards online with other players), Web-based messaging, forum discussions and more.

Chaotic has already attracted fans from more than 50 countries, with its Website amassing over 1.5 million registered users who have collectively uploaded more than 60 million cards. During 2008, Chaotic was the no. 1 selling trading card game in Canada and was among the top five selling trading card games sold at mass retailers in the U.S.

The hit TCG is distributed by Asmodee in France and was first listed in La Grand Recree, part of Ludendo and is now available in 150 Ludendo stores nationwide, as well as Album, Cultura, King Jouet and specialist stores across the country.

The TCG launch has been accompanied by the arrival of the Chaotic TV series on French screens, which began airing May 16th on Gulli TV. A TV advertising campaign started the same day with both 15- and 30-second spots.

"We are very excited about presenting Chaotic to the French market," said Sandra Vauthier-Cellier, Managing Director of 4Kids Entertainment International. "With the trading cards selling in increasing numbers across the world and the TV series also a hit, I feel sure that France will prove just as receptive to this growing property."