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Framestore Wraps On 3 Game Boy Advance Spots

FrameStore has wrapped on three new commercials to launch Nintendos latest Game Boy handset, Game Boy Advance. All three commercials were written and produced by agency Leo Burnett of Chicago, and directed by the Vienna-based directing duo, Rad-ish (Moritz and Christophe). FrameStore's SFX artists created three, highly stylized, virtual worlds, which each allude to one of the three new games developed to accompany the new handset. As synthetic snow was banned on the location of "Church," FrameStore created falling and settling snow for the interior shots. "I wish I could say that we used some new technology for this project, but I can't. It was really just a case of pushing existing software to its limits," said Tim Osborne, one of FrameStore's senior Henry artists. "I think operators - including me - are often guilty of not experimenting with the software we work with every day because we are constantly exposed to the latest version of this and the latest version of that, worrying too much that we should keep up with developments all the time instead of really utilizing the software we have now." For the other two spots, FrameStore created the metamorphosis of a dead bat into a colony of flying bats and a community of paper cut-out people having a fight on an airport concourse. FrameStore crew included inferno* artists Murray Butler and Avtar Bains; Henry artists Tim Osborne, Angus Wilson and Lance Gaunt; matte artist Sharon Lock; and post-producer Kirsty Cleminson-Edwards.

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